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Super mini High Tension Bass Drums


100% fiberglass shells are produced as one piece through a specialized winding process, resulting in light-weight and high-strength characteristics that are second only to carbon fiber. The most fascinating feature is the natural translucency of every shell, and the special dyeing technique which allows for a variety of colors.

Bass drums come standard with 9mm Maple Hoops in Black.

Produced using CNC machining, both ends of the aluminum tube lugs are locked with stainless steel tension nuts to help achieve and maintain higher tension.

Light-weight aluminum alloy bass drum claw hooks are standard, and feature a etched Mair logo.

6mm high tension rods are standard on all drums, and are produced in Taiwan.

Chromed Vent holes are made using precision CNC machining, and helps to alleviate air pressure within the drum resulting in a more natural feel and sound.

Through the use of strong fiber materials, 20mm reinforcement rings are added to the inside of every tension ring to create a 30-Degree bearing edge which helps produce a warm and focused sound.

All drums come standard with REMO Drumheads to offer the best and purest sound possible, right out of the box.

You can choose and buy the rim savers with simple looking and etched logo. It can effectively minimize wear and tear of the hoops from hitting. 




Super mini Marching Bass


Diameter, Depth



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