Ming Music Group began in the 1980s, mainly as a electroplating factory for metal parts and a little instrument parts. During the 1990s, the company began to specialize in the electroplating process of acoustic drums, cymbal stands, and other percussion, when demand was getting big for quality products. As a supplier of the best quality products to other distributors and manufacturers. From the 2000s, Ming began to produce acoustic drums, and started to produce OEM products for some of the worlds most well-known brands. The skills of making drums began to gain the company recognition, and at this time, Taiwan became one of the major export countries of the worldwide instruments. After accumulating years of professional production experience, the research and development department was established to develop new and innovative products.


Ming Enterprise Co. was founded in 2007 and was mainly focused on designing fiber drums that have a better performance and durability for the future by the use of carbon fiber, fiberglass, and Kevlar fibers. Upon completing the first working models and receiving various patents, Ming’s product category expanded to include acoustic drums, light-weight marching drums, and the other percussion instruments. No matter the extended life of products, or the evolution of the percussion idiom, the concept of fiber drums will always continue to develop into something more. Mair is developing into the flagship company for fiber drums, while also moving into various markets including hardware, cymbals, and other instrument accessories.

Mair Drums
Mair is a representation of our core foundation that Ming Drums are Light as Air, hence the rebranded name Ming + Air = Mair! The concept of making acoustic drums, marching drums, and other percussion instruments by carbon fiber, fiberglass, and Kevlar raised the possibility of products become more functional and lighter without sacrificing the most basic needs of players. Fiber drums are an incredible feat due to reduced weight, enhanced durability, enhanced sound production, and an overall beautiful aesthetic that can’t be matched by a standard wooden shell. All shells are only 1.8mm thick, but have the up to 5x the strength and durability of a standard wooden shell.
Drum parts pro-cessing factory
OEM for famous drum company
Mair Drums
mCT   Ming Composite Technology

Ming Composites Technology, is the unique fiber creation technique that is used to create all of our composite shells. Join Wounding makes the shell very solid in spite of the thickness only being 1.8mm. Inside each of the shells is an added 100% carbon fiber tension ring which not only helps maintain the shape of the shells, but also helps to focus the resonance of the drum itself in turn helping to produce a much clearer sound. While most bearing edges are cut to 45°, all MCT Shells feature a 30° which aids in achieving the purest tone possible through an expansive tuning range. All drums ranging from 6” to 14” come with a 8mm tension ring, while drums 14” to 32” come with a 20mm tension ring for added support.

Pure Sound

Through the use of carbon fiber, fiberglass, and Kevlar materials the normal issues of weather, and production steps to manage moisture content are eliminated. This helps result in the purest timbre possible from the natural resonance of the shell.

Light Weight

The density of carbon fiber and fiberglass is less than the aluminum that we use, while also providing astounding strength and durability. Every Ming Shell has a 1.8mm thickness, along with a tension ring which results in a solid body with a lightweight characteristic. These features are best realized through our marching products which are up to 50% lighter when compared to their wooden counterparts.


All products in the fiber composite category come with a 3 year extended manufacturer’s warranty, with the exclusion of damage outside of normal wear and tear, and user neglect.


Ming Composite Shells unique and revolutionary technology is patented throughout the world including Taiwan, China, the America’s, and Germany.

Mair Drum Shells are available in sizes ranging from 6” to 32” in diameter, and various depths to meet your specific needs.